Government Solutions


Based in Houston, TX, USA Contract Solutions offers consulting services for construction and facility management businesses. We serve the Federal, State and Local markets. 

We value relationships with our clients and will go above and beyond to ensure success in the Government market. Our team of experienced professionals understands the acquisition process from cradle to grave. This is why we’re able to consistently build predictable and scalable systems guaranteeing results.

Our motto is “If you’re not bidding, you’re not winning. You’re One Contract Away”. 

We’re ready to help you win construction and facility management contracts in our “Scaling With Contracts” program.

If you’re the owner of a construction or facility management business looking for premium support in the contracting space, we’re ready to add more revenue to your business by winning your business Government Contracts.

As of now, our “Scaling With Contracts” program is limited to construction and facility management businesses. 

Are you in a different industry ? Check out Our Government Contracting Mastery Course

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