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We Build Contract Acquisitions Systems

Predictably win government contracts to grow your business revenue and profit margin in just three easy steps

We Build Contract Acquisitions Systems

We have already helped over 1,000+ entrepreneurs enter the government marketplace and win contracts

What Results You Can Expect

Here are the most common results you’ll get if you’re accepted in one of our business

growth accelerator programs

Win More Contracts Predictably & Consistently

We are committed to helping you establish a successful government contracting business that consistently secures contracts by utilizing your strengths, forming strategic partnerships and identifying profitable opportunities, leading to steady growth.

With our help, you will be able to win contracts predictably and consistently, scaling your business and increasing your revenue.

Win More Contracts Predictably & Consistently

Partner with us to help the government achieve its mission while scaling your business. Our team of experts will guide you through the complex process of government contracting, from identifying opportunities to winning contracts.

We’ll provide you with the necessary tools and resources to help you navigate the government market, make a positive impact and secure long-term success.

Make Consistent Revenue
and Scale Faster

Our goal is to help you achieve consistent and predictable revenue growth, allowing you to scale your business faster. We will work closely with you to identify and remove any bottlenecks holding you back, so you can reach new heights and scale faster.

With our guidance, you can expect to see revenue increases within a short period of time.

Confidently Find Contracts To Bid And Win

We understand that finding and winning contracts can be a daunting task, but we are here to help you navigate the process with confidence. Our team will work with you to identify the most lucrative opportunities and help you create a winning strategy to secure them.

With our expertise and guidance, you will have the tools you need to confidently find and win contracts, growing your business and increasing revenue.

Write Proposals Efficiently and Effectively & Win More

Writing effective and winning proposals can take a lot of time and effort, but it doesn’t have to. We will work with you to develop a streamlined process for crafting proposals that are both efficient and effective. Our team will help you identify the key elements that make a proposal successful, and guide you on how to communicate your unique value proposition to the potential client.

With our help, you will be able to write proposals efficiently and with confidence, increasing your chances of winning more contracts.

Bring Your Visions & Ideas To Market Much Faster

Are you tired of losing out on potential contracts? Our team of experts can help you turn that around. With our guidance and resources, you’ll be better equipped to identify and win profitable government contracts, increasing your revenue and scaling your business.

Don’t let missed opportunities hold you back any longer. Let us help you achieve consistent and predictable success in the government contracting market.

Latest Wins From Some Of Our Best Clients

Here are the most common results you’ll get if you’re accepted in one of our business

growth accelerator programs

“I Won my first Government Contract for $112,000 & It hasn’t even been a month”

“I Just won my first $1,000,000 Government contract. It’s a 1 year contract with 2 option years.”

“We came in at $320,000 and the closes competitor was $342,000. We won!”

“We won our first Government contract in just about 2 months”

“Since we last spoke, i’ve won 2 contracts and currently working on my 3rd.”

“I wish i knew you earlier, i’d probably be way further in life right now.”

“I won the contract. When i started i was a baby taking first step. Now i’m like walking now!”

“I Followed the program, i did the calls, submitted the bids and won the contract.”

“Since joining the program we’ve won over $1,000,000 in State Contracts”

All testimonials on this page are from real clients. The results you see on this page are not typical. Their experiences do not guarantee similar results. Individual results may vary based on your skills, experience, motivation, as well as other unforeseen factors. The Company has yet to perform studies of the results of its typical clients. Your results may vary.

Problems We Help You Solve

Inconsistent Government Contract Acquisition

You are securing contracts and profitable ones, but the growth of your business is unpredictable. You haven’t identified a specific method for acquiring government contracts that you can consistently rely on to increase profits.

A Good, But Not Great, Proposal

Securing a few government contracts or projects is an achievement, but to compete at a higher level and win large, recurring contracts, you need to create a compelling and unique bid that stands out from the competition.

You're the Expert on Your Team

While it is an asset to have a knowledgeable team member, it can also be a bottleneck for the growth of your company. This likely means that you are the main obstacle in the progress of your company and it is crucial to delegate and build a strong team to support the growth.

As Contract Operations Increase, Profit Decreases

You may think that this is just a natural part of doing business, but there are ways to improve performance and increase profits by utilizing other resources while meeting the obligations of your government contracts.

You're Relying on Generic Advice

While online resources can be a valuable tool, relying on generic advice from YouTube videos or other sources may not address the specific challenges of your government contracting business. As your business grows, it’s important to seek out knowledge that is tailored to your current situation and from experts with relevant experience.

You're scrolling through SAM.GOV during lunch

While it may be tempting to search for potential contracts during your free time, it can be difficult to know how to effectively find and bid on them. Mastering the art of contract acquisition and bidding is crucial for scaling your government contracting business.

Emotional, Not Data-Driven Decisions

The most successful and profitable government contracting businesses are run using data-driven decision making. You should be aware of key metrics like bid rate, win rate, bid or no bid, cash per contract, cost per bid, lifetime value, etc. and use this data to test different strategies like bidding on federal vs state contracts, different industries, subcontracting, pricing changes, new partnerships, and teaming agreements to identify the most effective approach. If these terms and concepts are new to you, it may be a sign that you need to improve your data-driven decision making.

Complexity Creep

What began as a simple core offering has grown into a labyrinth of 75 NAICS codes, 17 different contracts, 12 government websites, 5 different offers, states or industries, and one overwhelmed individual. While it is possible to achieve more with less, it can be challenging to determine what to keep and what to eliminate in order to streamline your business operations.

Managing and Protecting Your Earnings

After working hard to secure government contracts and earn profits, it’s important to also find the time and resources to manage and protect your earnings. Failure to do so can be costly in terms of both capital and time, as well as result in paying more taxes each year to the government. It is crucial to find effective ways to manage and protect your money.